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The Sidecar is often singled out as the only good cocktail to come out of the long national nightmare that was Prohibition…The luminous, golden-straw color, the perfectly controlled sweetness, the jazzy high notes of the citrus against the steady bass of the brandy. This is a drink whose suavité is beyond question -- it's the Warren Beatty of modern mixology.*

Sidecar Brass is a trio of classically trained musicians who believe that music-making is a conversation and experience. Originally conceived as a social event, chamber music was a chance to come together with friends and create something together. We believe that great music grows out of a deep connection between human beings in the human experience, no matter what the venue or genre.

But why the name “Sidecar”? Sidecar Brass gets its name from the signature prohibition-era brandy cocktail, the Sidecar. This drink is said to have been born in the Paris jazz-age, a time when brass playing was also coming of age. Its “controlled sweetness,” coupled with “bold as brass” flavor describes the trio’s musical values.

Taylor Blanton (trombone), Tess Coffey (trumpet) and Rachel O’Connor (horn) conceived Sidecar Brass in 2014 as an opportunity to embrace their roles as artists and innovators. Through creative programming, artistic vision, and musical commitment, Sidecar Brass engages new audiences, while appealing to seasoned listeners.


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